The Last of Us on PC gets a first patch to fix some performance issues

Naughty Dog is moving quickly to address the disappointing launch of The Last of Us Part I on PC.

The Last of Us Part I on PC hasn’t had a smooth launch. PC players have reported crashes, performance issues, and plenty of weird visual glitches. Now, Sony-owned developer Naughty Dog has started issuing bug fixes to try and fix some of the widespread problems and investigate other bugs that are affecting PC players.

A new patch arrived on Steam and the Epic Games Store last night, which includes fixes for “several performance & hitch related issues impacting some users.” It’s not clear exactly what has been fixed, and for some players, it was only a 36MB patch on Steam.

Naughty Dog has enabled extra crash diagnostic information, though. It’s designed to help the developer investigate crashes related to shader building and “other common reported stability issues.” The team is “closely watching player reports and actively working on a patch with more bugfixes, to be released soon.”

Steam reviews of The Last of Us Part I are still overwhelmingly negative, with more than 60 percent leaving a negative review. PC players have reported random crashes and stuttering, long shader compilation times, and myriad visual glitches like characters randomly becoming dripping wet in cutscenes.

Naughty Dog delayed the release of The Last of Us Part I on PC by a few weeks after saying it wanted to “make sure that The Last of Us Part I PC debut is in the best shape possible.” That has clearly not happened, and it has left many fans wondering if this PC port was rushed out to take advantage of increased game sales after HBO’s well-received The Last of Us TV show.

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