The 2024 Ford Mustang Has a Price, and It Ain’t Cheap

More than $30,000 for the least expensive ‘Stang

  • We finally know how much the new Ford Mustang will cost.
  • Spoiler alert: This new-generation ‘Stang ain’t cheap.
  • The least expensive one is $30,000-plus, and the Dark Horse is nearly double that.

There is always anticipation around a new Mustang. The previous-generation car enjoyed plenty of fanfare when it was announced, and the new 2024 car is likely one of the most eagerly awaited cars of this year. It keeps key pony car elements like its powerful V8, a manual transmission, and both coupe and convertible body styles. But the Mustang faithful might be surprised to learn just how much this new generation of car costs.

So, how much is the 2024 Ford Mustang?

There are seven variants of Mustang to pick from this time around, and the base 2024 Mustang — the coupe or “fastback” body style with the 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder EcoBoost engine — starts at $30,920 before destination fees are applied. For a little extra context, the outgoing Mustang EcoBoost was both available with a manual and cost $29,790 after destination charges were applied.

Ford has’t said how much destination will cost for any of the new 2024 models yet, so all of these prices are going to be listed without that extra fee. Keep in mind that all of these cars will cost a little bit more once you rock up to your dealership, and that’s assuming there aren’t large markups on them.

If you want a premium version of the base EcoBoost Mustang, which includes a larger center screen, a slightly more posh interior, and a wireless charging pad, Ford will ask you for $36,445. The cheapest convertible Mustang you can buy is the drop-top version of the Premium EcoBoost model, and that will set you back $41,945.

The base Mustang GT, the least expensive Mustang available with a V8, is slightly less than the EcoBoost Premium convertible, with prices starting at $41,495 — it’s worth noting that V8-powered ‘Stangs are the only models that can be had with manual transmissions. The GT Premium adds in some ambient lighting and metal pedal covers and opens up options like big Brembo brakes and a changeable exhaust system. The GT Premium will set you back $46,015, and the convertible version of the GT Premium starts at $51,515.

The tippy-top of the range (before the inevitable even higher high-performance models show up) is the Mustang Dark Horse. It’s a new track-oriented model that follows in the footsteps of the Boss 302s and Mach 1s of old. The Dark Horse will set you back a minimum of $57,970, but that’s before you add on what are destined to be expensive options like the carbon-fiber wheels. That Mach 1, for reference, started at $57,945 and that was after destination as well.

The Mustang sprouts new features and has more power, but we won’t know if it’s worth the extra money until we drive it later this year. Stay tuned for our first impressions of the new Mustang and all its many variants.

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