Tekken 8 Character Uses Iconic WWE Wrestler Finisher

One of the newest moves added to a returning Tekken 8 character’s repertoire is an iconic finishing move from a WWE wrestling superstar.

One of Tekken 8‘s returning characters adds a brand-new move to his repertoire in the form of Triple H’s Pedigree. The character in question is King, a luchador from Tekken‘s stable of fighters, with the Mexican wrestler being one of the most recognizable due to his jaguar mask and moves. The current iteration of King that fans see in newer Tekken entries is the second one who has taken up the mantle.

Tekken 8‘s gameplay trailer for King was revealed earlier this March, showing that his pro wrestling style has been retained. The character has always been the series’ resident wrestling-styled fighter, having a defensive playstyle with a focus on grabs and quick strikes due to his limited range. King has a bunch of moves that are used by a number of wrestlers from WWE, such as John Cena’s STF submission maneuver, The Rock’s Rock Bottom, German suplexes, and more. One King’s latest moves takes inspiration from Triple H and his Pedigree.

The Pedigree is a double underhook facebuster that was made famous as Triple H’s finisherduring his time as a wrestler in the company. Wrestling savvy fans of Tekken 8 joked that this move will put all the characters down regardless of their power level, referring to Triple H’s infamous run where he had defeated nearly every opponent in the ring, and was consistently a top player in the WWE’s roster regardless of the audience’s growing apathy.


This isn’t the only finisher that King uses in the eighth Tekken entry. Another fan noticed during one of the gameplay showcases for the game, King can use one of Randy Orton’s finishers, pulling an RKO out of nowhere. His Rage Art is also a big wrestling maneuver, which is a spinning inverted tirabuzon. Other techniques present in King’s move set include a Backstabber, running powerbomb, and even a giant swing powerbomb.


Tekken 8‘s roster currently is filled with a bunch of returning, albeit redesigned characters, built from the ground up. For King’s storyline within Tekken 8, he is managing his orphanage while being an active pro-wrestler. The war between G Corporation and the Mishima Zaibatsu has ravaged the world, making several children homeless. This motivates him to enter the King of the Iron Fist tournament, to hopefully get the money he needs to help out the kids.

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