Spider-Man 2 Will Have ‘Very Cool’ Dialogue Technology

Insomniac Games is still keeping Spider-Man 2 close to its vest.

t’s unclear when the team will show more of the open-world PlayStation 5 game, but the title’s lead engine programmer said it will have interesting dialogue technology.

As spotted by Twisted Voxel, Lead Engine Programmer Elan Ruskin spoke about this on an official livestream when asked about what makes him proud to work at Insomniac. Around 45 minutes in and after saying that he liked that the studio’s games run smoothly, Ruskin said that this next title will have “very cool dialogue technology.” He doesn’t specifically say Spider-Man 2, but it is unlikely that Insomniac is going to release a game before the superhero sequel launches in the fall, especially since Wolverine doesn’t currently have an official release window.

Ruskin was vague, but Insomniac’s Spider-Man games have had unique dialogue systems in the past. Spider-Man’s voice lines in the 2018 game (and 2020’s Miles Morales) change depending on if he’s swinging or walking, so players can hear different levels of exertion that are more consistent with his actions. Motive Studio also did something similar with the recent Dead Space remake, as Isaac Clarke’s voice lines are contingent on his health status or whether he’s running or about to suffocate.

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