New Resident Evil 4 Remake Weapons Spotted in State of Play Trailer

Resident Evil 4 fans already knew that the remake of the game would add content not previously seen in the original release – that’s the point of a remake,

After all – but it appears that we’ve already gotten an early look at some of the new weapons Leon will have at his disposal. The most recent trailer for the game which was revealed during PlayStation’s State of Play event this week included a quick look at one weapon that’s definitely new to Leon’s arsenal as well as another that sure looks like it’s another new weapon he’ll use, one that we haven’t yet heard confirmed.

The first new weapon spotted in the trailer shows up around 57 seconds into the video above where we see Leon taking on the cultists inside the castle portion of the game. For a brief moment, we see Leon wielding what appears to be the Bolt Thrower, a weapon seen briefly in past previews of the Resident Evil 4 remake. The HUD shows an option where the player can attach a new mine that can be fired off with the Bolt Thrower, so there’s been some speculation that this item will be a replacement for the Mine Thrower found in the original game.

Later in the trailer around a minute and 25 seconds in, we see what appears to be another new weapon. Leon’s holding some sort of gun that seems to be part of the SMG family. More specifically, this looks like it could be an MP5, some have speculated.


If that is indeed what this weapon is, it’d be a welcome sight in the Resident Evil 4 remake considering how the only real SMG in the original game was the TMP. The Chicago Typewriter was of course a thing, but as far as first playthroughs go, Leon’s options were limited. For those who might question whether this is just a replacement for the TMP, you’ll notice that the HUD shows a distinctly different icon for this weapon, but in the first image above with the Bolt Thrower, we see in Leon’s quick-select weapons that the TMP appears to be there on the far left.

The MP5 has a history in Resident Evil games given that it appeared in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 5, so it wouldn’t be surprising if this is indeed that weapon. Depending on when Leon acquires that and other new armaments, perhaps we’ll see more of them in the game’s upcoming demo.

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