Grand Theft Auto 5‘s Protagonist Trio Set a High Bar for GTA 6 to Clear

While Grand Theft Auto 6 seems to have big plans for its protagonists, the central characters of Grand Theft Auto 5 are a tough act to follow.

The upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 has long been the source of fan-led debate and discussion, given that fans have waited over a decade for the next installment to the iconic and massively successful franchise. A huge amount of anticipation follows the game, with many assuming that the release will be bigger and better than its longstanding predecessor in almost every way.

With that being said, there are many aspects of Grand Theft Auto 6 that face a difficult task in besting their GTA 5 counterparts, and the main involved protagonists of the upcoming game are a great example of this. The rumors about GTA 6’s protagonists are quite interesting, but the unforgettable triple protagonist make-up of Grand Theft Auto 5 has set the franchise’s standards extremely high.

The Success of Grand Theft Auto 5’s Protagonists

It can be said that Grand Theft Auto 5 revolutionized the IP in many ways, but the way in which the game approached its protagonists was arguably the most influential. Crucially, GTA 5 had three central protagonists in its main story, with all three characters directly interacting with each other throughout the narrative.

Players could freely switch between these three characters in free roam exploration, as well as in scripted mission sequences that greatly opened up the scale and offered up some memorable set pieces. Each of GTA 5’s three protagonists held the same amount of importance in the story; each character represented different aspects of Grand Theft Auto’spolarizing caricature of the United States.

Michael De Santa and Trevor Phillips are two career criminals who experienced very different ends of the crime life spectrum; Michael finds his life of luxury unbearably monotonous, while Trevor’s unhinged personality is a perfect match for a life of squalor and wanton cruelty. Franklin Clinton represents a youth who turns to crime as a means of escaping his socioeconomic deprivation, with Franklin seeing Michael as a role-model of criminality at its most profitable. The three protagonists of GTA 5 were complex and unique, yet interacted with each other in such an intriguing and natural way that it is no wonder they were so adored by fans.

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