Gran Turismo 7 VR hands-on: it might make you a PSVR 2 believer

PSVR 2 reviewers didn’t get to review Gran Turismo in VR — here’s why that’s a shame.

Today, Sony is officially launching its PlayStation VR2 headset. It costs $550, and you can read our PSVR 2 review right here. But there are a few key experiences that Sony didn’t distribute to reviewers ahead of time — like a day-one patch for Gran Turismo 7 that makes almost the entire racing game playable in virtual reality.

I’m beginning to think that was a mistake, because GT7 is easily one of the best things I’ve tried in this headset, and I’m saying that having never played GT7 before. I’m certain a number of gearheads will buy a PlayStation VR2 for this game alone — and quite possibly a PS5, a steering wheel, and a set of pedals to go with it.

The game starts exactly the way it does on a flat screen TV. You adjust your screen settings and steering preferences, then get thrust into a mandatory minigame where you try to outrace the music by flinging a classic Porsche around a track.

Only you’re not looking at the car. Suddenly, you’re in the car, staring through the windshield of its detailed cockpit from the moment the race begins. Any time you drive a car in this game, you’re transported into the cockpit — a cockpit that’s doing some work.


The speedometer and tachometer function. You have depth perception — enough to preemptively brake instead of sliding off the track like I’ve done so many times before in racing games. I could genuinely use my rear view mirrors to spot rivals and block them from passing me. Sure, avid racing game fans can do that with traditional controls, but I’ve never felt comfortable doing it before.


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