Apple will bring the largest collection of classical music to Samsung phones

Apple is releasing a new standalone Music app for classical music aficionados.

Apple Music Classical will be released on the iOS App Store first, but thankfully for Samsung Galaxy device users, the standalone app will also be released on the Android platform.

As the name suggests, Apple Music Classical is all about streaming classical music at the highest audio quality possible. Apple says the app will allow users to find “any recording in the world’s largest classical music catalog” and confirmed that the app supports immersive spatial audio. (via The Verge)

You don’t need a separate subscription for Apple Music Classical

Aside from an expansive collection and high-quality audio, another great thing about Apple Music Classical is that it won’t require a subscription. Or more specifically, Apple Music Classical is a standalone app, but access is gained through a subscription to the standard Apple Music app and doesn’t need its own subscription separate from the main Apple Music platform.

Apple Music is not available on the Samsung Galaxy Store but can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Similarly, Apple Music Classical will be available through the Play Store, and subscribers to the existing Music service will gain access to the Classical version once it goes live.

As to when that will happen, Apple intends to release Music Classical on the iOS App Storeon March 28, but unfortunately, it hasn’t revealed an exact release date for Android OS. However, the company says the Android app should be “coming soon.”


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