Apple iPhone 15 Pro Renders Reveal New Buttons

Joining the early rumors and leaks we have already received, newly surfaced renders offer a look at the potential updated design for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro.

Tech sites have been reporting on a series of renders spotted on Chinese social media that are believed to show the new form and features of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro.

Most notably, the iPhone 15 Pro renders reveal fewer buttons with the two volume buttons condensed to just one long button and the mute switch ditched for a button function. It is also being reported that the buttons utilized on the side will utilize a haptic design. Meaning that a vibrating sensation will provide haptic feedback rather than switches, ensuring fewer component malfunctions. Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro looks to be outfitted with a smaller camera with just two lenses, though it is unclear how Apple will use a smaller camera while maintaining its trend of better image quality.

Take a look at the new Apple iPhone 15 Pro renders below.


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