AMD says look for the orange sticker if you want Zen4 mobile CPU

An easy way to distinguish new Ryzen 7000 APUs from older architectures

Customers looking for Zen4-based AMD Ryzen 7000 CPUs should look for an orange sticker.

AMD has released new partner materials explaining the difference between the Ryzen 7000 mobile series. This topic needs no further comments apart from mentioning that the 7000 lineup encapsulates Zen2, Zen3, Zen4, RDNA2, RDNA3 and Vega architectures under one series. It is a confusing lineup, especially since the most anticipated Zen4 APUs are not yet released. However, this will soon change.

The company is now providing an easy guide for those looking at actual products who have no access to the spec sheet. The orange sticker on the laptop means that it is based on Zen4 architecture (Ryzen 7040/7045 series), whereas the old grey sticker will apply to Zen2 or Zen3 APUs (Ryzen 7020, 7030 and 7035 series):

It goes without saying but customers considering Ryzen 7040/7045 premium laptops should probably do more research than check stickers before buying. Yet, in case there is any doubt what architecture is the particular system based on, the orange sticker will provide a quick answer.

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